Seraphic Law

Darkness is all I know.  It is the only constant in my life, and gives me comfort in trying times.

“Faith, vision up, we need to get going soon.”

“Okay dad.”


And with a word, the darkness vanishes.  Then I realize where I am.  I’m back in my room as normal, looking at the bleak and radioactive clouds jolting energy out them as usual.  I couldn’t dwell on that today.  Today was the day we finally get our energy renewed at the house of illumination.  This energy was the only thing powering this house and all of our life supporting technology.  I’ve often seen one too many times how it looks when you have to face nature without technology.  Without the light.


I rush downstairs to see my mother preparing breakfast and my father, in one of his famous moods setting the table.

“Morning Faith, wash your hands and grab a seat baby.”

“Okay mom!”

Father’s grumbles are always things of legends.  He never misses any topic points and has a good counter to everything.

“This way of living is complete and utter crap.”

“Dear, don’t talk like that at the table.”

“I mean how do you cope with it?  This is nothing like our childhood and we have to just accept it for it is?  I have to walk, in 2077, and go to some strange church so I can live past the next nuclear storm?!”

Mother sighs and gives Father her usual look.  That always seems to quell the fire in him.

“Well, at any rate, I’m not going to let my boy Faith live like this forever.  We’re going to fix what happened to earth.”

“Dad, why you do keep saying things about earth?”

Mother places the food at the table.  The food capsules always looked the same.  Just a two tone color with the daily nutrients of a breakfast.  We would often pray over our food, but most of the times I’d just see my parents cry.


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